Glass Button Hearts

Christmas Glass Button Heart Decoration

I love decorating the Christmas tree.
Delving in to Christmas boxes, unwrapping the bubble wrap or tissue paper to reveal our family decorations. My favourite decorations are found at my parent’s home within a cardboard box, foam separates each decoration, cushioning each one from any damage. As the years have gone by the box has weighed a little less as broken and chipped decorations have been thrown away.
I have never seen decorations like them since. If I did, I’d snap them up then and there, no matter what time of year or what state my bank account was in. My favourite decorations are snowflakes. Beautiful glass snowflakes.
As I decorated the tree, I made sure to hang each snowflake near a light. That is the beauty of them. Hung with care the glass catches the light causing it to twinkle.  To me, this is a big part of Christmas: twinkly lights on a tree.

Several months ago now, I attended the International Antiques and Collectors Fair. It is quite possibly my favourite fair to browse. I have favourite stalls within the fair. One of these just so happens to be a haberdashery of delights. Among the collection of goods were vintage clear glass buttons. They twinkled under the lights of the stall and I knew immediately that they had to go on my Christmas tree, I didn’t know how but I knew they would. I purchased some glass buttons at a bargain price and went home happy. Since then I have learned how to make glass button hearts.

The ideas immediately connected in my head. Glass button hearts on the tree causing the lights to sparkle and twinkle as I curl up with a hot chocolate and watch Christmas movies.

To make glass button hearts you will need:

  • glass buttons,
  • craft wire (I used ‘beadery craft wire’ 24ga.),
  • scissors
  • and string/ribbon.

Each glass button heart requires an even amount of buttons, I used a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 16. When selecting the buttons you will need buttons with the fastening through the button and not behind. I found this out the hard way, if the fastening is behind, the buttons don’t hold the shape well.

Vintage Glass Buttons
Start by selecting the buttons you want to use and positioning them in a heart shape, as I was using vintage buttons and mixing and matching this helped me keep the sides even and helped me work out the order I would need to thread the buttons on the wire.
Vintage Glass Button Hearts

Cut the wire at least double the length of the heart. You start by finding the midway point and making a small loop and then twisting the wire. This step takes a bit of trial and error, if you twist the wire too loose it will unravel and become difficult to thread, too tight and the wire kinks.

Vintage Glass Button Hearts
Starting from the top centre button, thread the buttons in order on to the wire


Vintage Glass Button Hearts
When the last button is threaded on to the wire, wrap the wire round the loop (as pictured) to fasten the heart together. Cut off any excess.


Vintage Glass Button Hearts
Position the wire into a heart shape.


Vintage Glass Button Hearts
Attach string/ribbon and hang on the Christmas tree.

Christmas Decorations Vintage Glass Button Hearts

Christmas Decorations Vintage Glass Button Hearts

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