2017 Goals

Is it too late to be talking about goals for 2017?

Statistically most people have broken their goals by now. Maybe it’s time to set new ones now the first ones are broken? I cannot remember the last time I set goals in January. I normally set goals whenever I feel something needs to change. In January, I feel too much pressure from the clean slate of a new year. However, this year, goals are all I can think about.

I’m looking forward to 2018 and imagining the life I would like to have by then. I am trying to work out little steps to help me get somewhere close to what I have imagined.

2017 Goals:

Personal – Switching Off

I am too quick to turn to my phone in the morning. I check the time and before I realise, I’m on Facebook / Instagram / emails. I don’t think it’s healthy. Our goal this year is to buy old-school alarm clocks so our phones and iPads can be plugged in outside our bedroom. I’d like to get to the point where I schedule a time to go on social media rather than checking it throughout the day as a means of avoiding the important stuff.

Business – Have One

For several years now, I have been contemplating starting my own business. Let me tell you, I can procrastinate like a pro. Last year, it was mainly because I didn’t have a Canadian work visa but now I’m just making excuses. I could have stepped back onto English soil with a solid business plan in place and packages worked out etc, but I’m still working on those. Starting a business is overwhelming and daunting, but by 2018 I want to be fully up and running.

Photography – Project Life

I treasure our Vancouver pages. I love the memories that come back when I look at them. I think I have done a pretty decent job of documenting our married lives (4 years in March). This year, I want to do something a little different for me. I have never attempted Project 365 or A Photo A Day – taking a photograph every day for a year. 2017 is the year I attempt it. So far, it’s going pretty well *touch wood*. I adore clean and simple pages where the photos aren’t competing with filler cards. This year I will focus on one card set to document our lives.

Home – Family History

I own most (if not all) of the family history photographs for our family. They have sat in boxes waiting for someone to do something with them. Occasionally, I would remove a handful, take them with me when visiting family and quiz family members, making notes of their responses and connecting the dots of who is who. I would then return home and replace the photos back in the boxes. I would like to claim there is organisation to the boxes, well there is kind of, but not enough.

I know it is completely unfair that I am the one with access to the photographs. I want to make our family history photographs accessible to all my siblings and cousins. Currently, the dining room table is covered with family history photos as I begin the process. The end goal for our family history photos is that everyone has access to everything through me organising, scanning and sharing everything. The goal for 2017 is just to start the process. It will be a process, I am fully aware of that and I am not putting a huge amount of pressure on myself to complete this task this year. There’s a couple of hundred years of information in those boxes and I’m not about to finish it all this year.


Do you set goals for 2017? If so, what are your goals?

He Graduated … Again!

VFS Golden Bagel

Our year in Vancouver has come to an end. We have been living in England for a couple of months now. The routine of everyday life is progressing. It’s about time I document My Handsome Man’s graduation from Vancouver Film School (VFS).

Living with a Writer

I love his creativity. I love where his mind takes him and that a lot of bizarre conversations start with the phrase “what if…” or the word “imagine …”. He stretches my imagination and has me exploring outcomes I have never considered.

However, he also has an amazing ability to procrastinate. It is a gift writers (and most creatives) possess. On the year abroad he would eventually reach the stage where his fear of missing the deadline outranked the fear of writing something bad.

Three breakdowns.

Three conversations along the lines of “I can’t do this…” Then he would knuckle down, (occasionally pull an all-nighter) and produce a pretty decent piece of writing. Way better than I could ever produce.

VFS Graduation Ceremony

Every student in the class received a ‘Golden Bagel’ which is a bagel spray-painted gold. A participation award for each student, given by the teachers. My husband went through a phase of sharing different covers of Adele’s “Hello” to the teacher who awarded him his bagel. He would send her one, she would send him another, it was a special time for them both. His golden bagel acknowledged this and his love of fart jokes. My Handsome Man’s golden bagel was called ‘Adele just farted.’

He was one of the class representatives for Writing Class 50 at VFS. This meant that he and the other class representative had to speak at the graduation ceremony. I am so proud of what they came up with.

It’s amazing to be celebrating his graduation but, on top of that, I had several people coming up to me to inform me that “Your husband is a genius”. A compliment I wasn’t quite sure how to respond to. I definitely agree, though!

I am super proud of the work that he has produced in the year he spent at Vancouver Film School. He has a gift for writing dialogue.

VFS Graduation

The Afterparty

Another role as a class representative was to organise the graduation afterparty. They chose Yagger’s, their regular pub. It was great to celebrate with the students and have the staff of VFS join the party.

There was a huge mix of emotions. The elation of “we’ve done it, we’ve finished the year course”. There was also the realisation that the students would be returning to their own corners of the world. No longer all together in Vancouver, but separated by oceans and thousands of miles. Us home to England, others to Brazil, Iceland, France, America.

It was a year like no other. It’s not easy to move to somewhere you’ve never been, to hang out with people you’ve never met. But I am grateful for the experiences we shared, the people I now see as friends, and that we took the opportunity to live in Vancouver. Not knowing the outcome, we jumped.

Vancouver will forever have a piece of our hearts.

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10 Fictional Characters I love to hate

fictional-characters-i-love-to-hateThere are characters in fiction that are appallingly evil. They appear to have no redeeming qualities and I cannot help but enjoy seeing their downfall.

Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

I think that Dolores would feature on this list for anyone who has read Harry Potter. There are fictional characters who are bad or evil and yet you understand their motivation. Even You Know Who is motivated by the prophecy. Dolores seems to just enjoy seeing people suffer. She smiles at the torture. I see her as more wicked than Voldemort.

The White Witch from The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe

My disgust with the White Witch comes partly due to my love of Christmas. Christmas is a season of love, giving, thinking of others, and every good thing. You must be a truly evil person to want to rid the world of such happiness.

Mrs. Danvers from Rebecca

Throughout Rebecca, Mrs. Danvers is a proud woman who seems to delight in making the protagonist feel as uncomfortable as possible. She is a real mischief maker with an obsession that drives her every action, causing as much pain and angst for Mrs. DeWinter as she can and finding satisfaction in her success.

Lady Catherine De Bourgh from Pride and Prejudice

Catherine De Bourgh is an unmitigated snob. She wants to see people fawning sycophantically at her feet and dislikes any individual who has the ability to stand up for themselves. She likes the world to know that she is better than anyone else. Even when she is being generous it comes across as parading her wealth and patronage. I love watching Lizzie Bennet stand up for herself and argue back, destroying all of Lady Catherine De Bourgh’s arguments with her wit and intelligence.

King Clarkson from The Selection Series

King Clarkson is a character I simply do not understand. He is a controlling, cruel and abusive tyrant. I cannot comprehend treating anyone the way he does.

Hilly Holbrook from The Help

She’s the interfering, author of the toilet initiative. She treats her mother with disdain and bullies and blackmails all she associates with. The one redeeming quality is that she does love her children, but this isn’t enough to make me not enjoy watching her eat a certain chocolate pie. There is a satisfaction that comes with seeing those who have been bullied by her, finally find the courage to stand up to her.

Bob Ewell from To Kill a Mockingbird

A drunken, abusive, unemployed father of eight who shirks all parental responsibility. I would pity him if it weren’t his own laziness holding him back from improving his social standing. After costing Tom Robinson his life, he then threatens all who tried to provide a fair trial.

President Coriolanus Snow from The Hunger Games

The tyrannical leader of Panem has shown that he is willing to stop at nothing to keep hold of absolute power in his dictatorship. All negative adjectives can be used to describe this evil character. His acts of murder and torture are truly disgusting and I cannot help but want him to fail. He also uses the white rose (a symbol of purity) in an attempt to mask his wicked acts, this for me only adds to my revulsion for him. In this way, I understand completely the nausea Katniss feels in his presence.

Fanny Dashwood from Sense and Sensibility

Her selfishness drives me crazy. She is manipulative and tries to disguise her greed as concern for her son. She also manages to induce her husband to break the promises he made to his Father. Leaving his mother and sisters in near poverty is despicable. Once her sisters-in-law have made, what she considers worthwhile acquaintances in the Middletons, she suddenly doesn’t mind associating with them. Fanny is incredibly egotistical. She doesn’t necessarily do anything evil herself, but she has huge powers of influence. She chooses to use this influence for the negative – to persuade her husband to neglect his family. I wish John had more of a backbone when it comes to dealing with his wife.

Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights

I know there are a lot of people who claim Heathcliff as a romantic hero. I just don’t see it. He is malicious and vengeful, among other negative qualities. I struggle to find a quality I like or admire in him at all.

Which literary characters do you love to hate?